About the Band

When a band decides to take a hiatus from live touring, usually one of two things happen: the band comes back better than ever…or the band breaks up. Unfortunately for the fans of the original Charlie Wheeler Band lineup, the latter scenario came true. But from the ashes, rose a new project, with a more raw, blues based approach…the Charlie Wheeler Trio, featuring Charlie Wheeler on Guitar and Vocals, Dave Fink on Bass and Backing Vocals and CWB drummer Rad Akers on the drums.

Charlie shares, "We miss our former band mates Greek Cheronis, Anthony Brown and Andy Baker. We are still family. They are all extremely talented. But their lives and careers went in another direction. The band was no longer a priority for them. I get it." Additionally, Charlie says retrospectively, "touring from Maine to North Carolina to Detroit to New York City and most points in between?...its a grind. But my desire to keep the live act going never faltered." So he began looking to try a new idea….a simpler version. And thus, the Charlie Wheeler Trio, or CW3 as it is now known, was born.

Charlie goes on to state, "When putting this band together, there was one thing I knew…I had to convince Rad to come back" speaking of CW3 drummer Rad Akers, formerly of Big Leg Emma and the Charlie Wheeler Band. "He is the best drummer I've ever had the pleasure to play with in a band, and he is one of the finest human beings I know" says Charlie. Having recently started a family, Rad needed the time off. However, his longing for being on stage remained. Rad states "playing with Charlie is both rewarding and challenging because he insists that the band be structured and tight, but never lets Dave and I forget that we have the freedom to expand our individual musicality, both improvisationally and within the confines of the song arrangements. It's a nice blend."

Bassist Dave Fink concurs. Hailing from the Erie, PA area, Dave has played in many bands including That Dog In Egypt and West On 29. Dave has always focused on original music and has played all over the USA. "I feel my style fits this trio really well. It is a solid blues based, hard-driving style of music, its focus is on Charlie's originals and I'm encouraged to push my limits personally. On top of that, the crowd has been really receptive to us."

In the near future, the Charlie Wheeler Trio will focus on playing in Western PA and honing their live act. There is also quite a bit of unrecorded original music that could be recorded and released. As Charlie puts it, "For now, it's just about getting to know our music and our local fan base…the rest will take care of itself."

While visiting the official website of Charlie Wheeler Trio, please tune in for demos of our latest tracks, and take advantage of our totally FREE downloads--including our latest complete album, "Line 'Em Up!". Check out where we're heading next, and come out to catch a live show!

Charlie Wheeler, lead vocals & guitar. Dave Fink, bass. Rad Akers, drums.

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